Gen10 Targets ERP Users With Apps

A long-standing issue associated with CTRM software has been the need to integrate it with an ERP solution. Increasingly, ERP functionality has encroached upon the CTRM space (and vice versa) so that commodity firms sometimes find that they are using an ERP for broader commodity management than perhaps it was originally designed for. This can include not just the settlement and invoicing functions, but things like pricing, scheduling and logistics, vessel management, assay management, inventory and so on. Often, the financial investment into the monolithic ERP solution has been so high that maximizing its use is viewed as a necessity yet, in reality, it doesn’t offer the agility or flexibility needed by a commodity trader. This very issue came up last week in a briefing from Gen10. Gen10 has been busy creating an ecosystem of applications and APIs that it calls CommOS and it describes this as a “modular approach to commodity management across supply chains designed to improve process and data flows. This approach allows a customer to adopt deep and agile collaborative functionality in specific areas of the business incrementally all the while leveraging their existing investment.” In a sense, it allows the users an ability to continue… continue reading
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