Generation10 Delivering Application Ecosystem for Commodity Supply Chains

Just before Christmas, I had the opportunity to visit with Generation 10. As luck would have it, they also invited me to their Christmas night out! Generation 10’s innovation apparently extends to their social program as the evening started with pasta making with instruction from a real Italian chef! Making pasta and drinking good red wine is a great way to break the ice and by dinner, I had gotten to know many of the team. Generation 10 continues to innovate and has recently developed a number of highly targeted applications or services. It’s Commodity Manager application is a highly configurable set of modules and functions that not only covers trading and risk but also the entire supply chain with a focus on issues like traceability and so on. Gen10 continue to expand their ecosystem of apps to address the needs of key stakeholders in the supply chain. 2 recent additions, Aud.IT ™ – which addresses supplier, sustainability, inspection and physical asset surveys and the.Counter ™ – a collaborative brokerage platform covering physical, swaps and derivatives, each of which have a pretty cool UX with intuitive visualisations but more importantly, I think, have a very wide reach in application. Now that
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