Give Us A Briefing?

I often get asked the question – How do we get on the blog? Actually, I like that question a lot because the answer is easy – give us a briefing! As analysts, we try to keep up with the industry and a part of that activity is talking to people across the business. Often, it is informal conversations whereas a briefing is a more formal conversation. It takes 30 – 60 minutes to actually do the briefing which is usually conducted over the phone. Yes, you will need to prepare for it too – a slide deck, talking points, a demonstration etc. What we are looking to get out of a briefing are things like; – How do you see the market? – What is driving the market? – Do you have any product or company updates to share with us? – What is that you offer and what is compelling about it? – How do you differentiate your offer? Amongst other questions. Be prepared to answer these questions. If the content of the briefing is compelling enough, we may write a short blog article about it for CTRMCenter. You do not need to be a current client to
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