GMSL – A Dominant Vendor and Service Provider in European Gas & Power Markets

GMSL got started in 1996, was acquired by Fluxys SA in 2002 and has grown into a sizeable entity offering 24 by 7 services and software to the European Power & Gas markets. With more than 115 staff around half of whom work in the 24/7 operational services area, GMSL has more than 90 operational clients and over 100 licensees of its software. Recently, I was provided with an introduction and update by commercial manager, Lucy Savage, and her colleague, Paul Simpson. Operational outsourcing services is an area that ComTech has noted as one of growth in recent years – not just in areas like dispatch, scheduling and balancing but also in areas like trading. Increasingly, energy companies in Europe are likely to focus on what they may consider strategic aspects of their business and outsource other parts of their operations either on a 24/7 basis or for out of hours. GMSL is a pioneer in that regard offering a variety of operational services ‘on behalf of’ for clients based on its own software solutions that it also licenses commercially.  “We provide high quality software and also use that software ourselves so there is a strong and immediate feedback loop… continue reading