Guest Blogger David Calmonson Looks at What is in a Name

What’s in a name? I like weird names. I’ve not blogged for a while but the name of an American journalist, politician, and news talk anchor got me thinking. I was really sorry she wasn’t a weather forecaster as well. Her name? Krystal Ball! I’ve been working now for over 40 years – mostly in sales, and a great many of these into the energy industry as many both of my regular readers will know. My first foray into the exciting world of being a sales-person (I can’t believe I have finally succumbed to political correctness and not written salesman / sales guy – I promise it won’t happen again) was selling digital storage oscilloscopes for a company named Nicolet. I’ve checked and they no longer trade so I shouldn’t get sued by them. I joined thinking I was selling smoking-cessation chewing gum. I was really looking forward to all the newsagents I was going to visit, banking on a few free Mars bars etc. Shortly after that I made an appointment for the optician. Sales of these instruments were mainly into the defence industry and universities for research purposes. They were great at analysing explosions and I spent many… continue reading
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