Happy Holidays Everyone!

Outside my window is frosty, icy and really quite chilly. By 3:30pm, its dark. It is that time of the year again. The tree won’t go up until December 24th, as is the tradition here, and Jezicek (Jezicheck) will visit sometime before dinner the same day leaving presents under the tree for those of us that have been good. There is no early morning here on the 25th for parents of small excited children as it all takes place the evening before. By tradition, dinner should be battered and fried Carp (which by tradition, will have been swimming in the bathtub a couple of days) with potato salad. However, I detest Carp so hopefully, we will have something like Chicken or even Turkey – though Turkey is hard to get. Holiday traditions are different in different countries and the Czech christmas is different. The TV stations have already started replying every Czech, Slovak, Russian, German and Austrian fairytale movie they can lay their hands on. The fairytale is a tradition here and I’m sure it makes for a good Holiday season for the TV stations as they don’t have to buy expensive blockbusters but rather simply replay over and over
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