Hitachi Energy’s Growing Momentum in ETRM

Hugo Stappers remains excited by the opportunities presented via Hitachi Energy post the acquisition of Pioneer a while ago when I caught up with him to see how things were going recently. With the energy transition and all the other trends in the power industry, Hugo sees that customers and prospects need “systems that can help in the renewable energy market. Tools that update faster, can caterto short-term markets, have better technology to interface to other solutions for things like forecasting, algo trading, exchanges and so on. Most of the legacy solutions on the market are incapable of this and are designed with older technology,” he told me adding, “They also need to capture green certificates as well.” He went on to add a number of other important criteria like handling PPA’s and the life cycle management of those green certificates as well. Hugo describes himself as incredibly busy. Part of that he tells me is due to excitement at Hitachi Energy regarding the energy trading areas of the business requiring him to conduct a lot of internal training, a lot of support for other sales resources as well as his day job. Additionally, he says that the market is… continue reading

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