HiveDome’s ITAS Services Help Unlock New Opportunities

A couple of weeks back while in London, I met with Sean Milton who covers business development and client support for Hivedome. Hivedome markets and supports ITAS, a commodity management  platform primarily in the ags & softs space in commodities like sugar, cocoa, coffee, nuts and dried fruits, grains and liquid products (molasses, oilseeds etc.), but it has also moved into metals & minerals in recent years. Boasting around 30 large- and medium-scale customers using its software in more than 50 countries, the company has grown largely through word of mouth. Sean told me that Hivedome has recently enhanced its website which focuses on its expanded array of ITAS Services and capabilities, as part of broader program of marketing to continue the recognition of its name, products and reputation in what is increasingly a competitive market. With a 35-year history in the space,  as part of its modernization program, Hivedome is currently engaged in transitioning most of the commonly used functionality within the ITAS platform to .Net. As Sean explained, this is being done methodically to ensure  that the functionality of the ITAS Heritage code is fully protected and that the new/extracted (i.e. transitioned) .Net code can be released to its clients via… continue reading
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