Holding Steady – Why There are so many CTRM Solutions

Periodically, we are asked why there hasn’t been more consolidation in CTRM. Why are there over 100 CTRM software solutions still? (See our directory). It’s a good question because in most software categories, especially 20 odd years in, there will be just a handful of remaining solutions probably led by one dominant vendor. Why isn’t CTRM the same? Well, firstly, there are some similarities. Plainly, there a couple of large vendors in the space like ION and arguably SAP. There are a few additional vendors that compete generally with ION or SAP often and are well known long-lived vendors like FIS, Eka, Amphora, and others. That is true. But where CTRM differs as a software category and why there is still room for over 100 additional solutions is largely a result of the following, CTRM is a very broad term even if tightly defined (ComTech offers a tight definition required to perform our annual market sizing – see that report). However, the software category covers all commodities both physical and financial, all industry segments with significant commodity exposure (which can include segments as diverse as food and beverage, automotive, airlines, manufacturing and more), and all geographies. That is a tall… continue reading

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