Holidays and the Software Business

Imagine being a salesperson for a CTRM vendor right now. The holidays are coming and so is year end (calendar and for many – financial). There are two things about this time of year that I have learned in many discussions with sales and other staff. The first is that its busy. Trying to close business before year end is really important on many levels both personally and professionally. Even with the move to subscriptions and away from license fees up front, closing that new business prior to year end matters. The second is that prospects seem to forget about the holiday and issue massive RFPs on December 15th with response due the first working day in January. It’s great timing for the prospect – its a holiday! But what about the vendor staff that now have 3-4 of these massive RFPs all with the same timescales – what about their holidays? In the nearly 30-years I have been in the CTRM software business, these are the two issues that have surfaced annually in conversations with vendor staff. Happy Holidays.

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