If It Can, It Will

I know Friday was the 13th in 2020 striking fear into the hearts of many a brave soul. For me, it passed routinely. Which is more than I can say for yesterday! In an era where it isn’t just me that works from home, there are certain things we need to be able to work efficiently. Internet is one. A phone is another. I have often said all I need is a phone, a laptop and internet to work. Yesterday was one of those days when all three failed me. It started in the morning with my first call. My mouse (bluetooth) started disconnecting on and off and in annoying fashion before the call. I tried all of the things you should to resolve the issue but it persisted. As the call started, my headphones (bluetooth) kept connecting and disconnecting. Then my keyboard (bluetooth). It was impossible to continue so I called the person on my cell phone. Interestingly, the call dropped twice in a five minute conversation and for no apparent reason. During this same period, my daughter came in to inform me that the webcam had failed and she could not take proper part in her remote school… continue reading

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