Igloo Brings New Cloud-Enabled CTRM to Market

New vendors pop up quite frequently in the CTRM world and last week, I got an introduction to another new vendor in the form of Igloo Trading Solutions. Established in 2015, Igloo’s first customer – a European power and gas hedge fund, went live in October 2016. Its objective is to deliver the first physical and financial CTRM solution to the industry as a SaaS-based trading execution, risk and back office offering. I spoke to Tim Harrison, Chief Information Officer and founder of Igloo about the company and its solution. With a first client in the form of a hedge fund, Igloo is different to many solutions on the market in that it incorporates functionality like managed accounts, fund allocation, assets under management (AUM) and other reports specific to hedge and other funds. It is also different in that it provides direct market execution and order management across Trayport, ICE, EEX, Nordpool, and CME for gas, power, oil, coal and emissions . It also supports FX trade execution. However, the platform is fully functional albeit currently lacking physical logistics, according to Mr. Harrison. The solution is currently targeted at hedge and other funds as well as traditional trading houses that… continue reading
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