Igloo Notes Strong Interest in its Solution

Hot on the back of a recently announced deal with Bonroy Petchem, I spoke to Dale Emmerson of Igloo to find out more about that particular transaction and see how Igloo was doing in the current business environment. “We signed Bonroy at the very start of the current lockdown,” Dale told me. “We successfully delivered the solution to them in 8-weeks completely remotely.” I wondered how Igloo could do that, but Dale insisted that implementing remotely wasn’t anything new but rather the way they did all implementations. “Being a cloud solution, the onboarding process requires information gathering about various aspects of the user’s business like portfolio structure, connectivity etc.. We go through a standard implementation path which is about set up and validation – things like incoming prices for example – and then start to switch on live PnL, VaR and so on.” Igloo is also seeing an uptick in interest and activity during this period and told me it had signed two other new deals including a UK supplier and a hedge fund for its execution platform for auto trading on EPEX. “So far, we have done 3 deals during this lockdown period,” Dale said. “The market generally seems… continue reading

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