In Retrospect, ETRM Was Probably The Wrong Abbreviation

A couple of decades ago, locked in mortal combat with another vendor in the early gas marketing, then power marketing, and then risk management software market, there were any number of terms around to describe the emerging CTRM software category. Energy Trading and Transaction Management (ETTM) was the one we were using meanwhile, our competitor was calling it Energy Trade Management as I recall or ETM. Others among the fledging group of small vendors had slightly different variations such as Energy Trade Management (ETM), for example. Who knows, maybe someone was already calling it ETRM, I don’t recall who that may have been though. Back then, it was all energy-focused activity. After FERC 636 it was gas marketing and then as power was also de-regulated, there was a rush to develop power marketing solutions as well. Of course, people wanted both sets of functionality in one solution and so there were solutions that purportedly handled both gas and power marketing. It was around that time that I recall getting a number of phone calls at our help desk asking about ‘risk management’. Actually, I recall being a bit puzzled at the time. Why were people calling us for risk management
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