Inbound Marketing and ComTech

Recently, I noted the switch going on in our industry towards inbound marketing. Vendors are spending much more time these days on their websites, developing thought leadership content and campaigns to draw in prospective buyers. I had particularly noted that this also meant something of a sea change in terms of what vendors were prepared to disclose about their own products. In the past, vendors were actually quite secretive and would only demonstrate or show their software under controlled conditions. The reasoning behind this was that they didn’t really want the competition to know what they had. This has now changed quite substantially and many vendors do show their product in videos and so on as a part of the shift towards inbound marketing. As a marketeer myself, inbound marketing can only work to a certain level. Yes, good content, good SEO and social media can help create a brand promise but actually I would argue that it doesn’t create brand and nor is it effective without some traditional outbound marketing mixed in. Lead tracking and qualification are still essential tools as is information about the market and competitive landscape. Furthermore, a brand is only created through experiencing it and
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