Independence Day ?

Trying to blog on the theme of Independence Day isn’t easy when it comes to CTRM software however, over the last 15-years or so of being and analyst watching the ETRM and CTRM software space, the one thing that has always struck me as odd was how difficult it has proven to be to convince a company struggling with one solution to replace it with another. Once a decision is made for an ETRM or CTRM solution, it really does seem to take the vendor to be downright incompetent for a prolonged period of time before the plug is pulled and the users have their ‘independence day’. I actually now think that there are a number of reasons for this including the following; When a company selects a software product and begins an implementation, it is committing to a significant investment of people, time and money in order to succeed. As the implementation project goes on, this amount increases and, for each year of usage, it continues. The company builds skills and knowledge around the software and integrates it into an overall IT and process environment. With each passing day, it is more and more difficult to make that decision to rip it
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