Commodity Technology Advisory and ETR Advisory Team to Conduct Commodity Regulation Research

Houston, TX, USA and Prague, Czech Republic, May 16th 2013. Commodity Technology Advisory, the leading analyst firm for energy and commodity trading and risk management (E/CTRM) software, is teaming up with energy trading regulation specialists ETR Advisory, to undertake a new sponsored research project into European regulations in Commodity trading.

The research, European Regulation – Implementation, Impacts and Solutions, aims to help to clarify the issues and to examine the impact of regulation on software requirements in the trading and risk management business function. It will look at the current implementation schedule of the regulations and examine some of the implementation impacts of the yet to be defined details of the regulations. In a second phase, it will review the software, services and platforms available in the market to support aspects of the European regulatory environment and establish the readiness of European traders for operating under the regulations

 “Regulation in Europe and North America will increasingly be a focus for all manner of firms trading commodities throughout 2013 and into 2014. With many of the details yet to be determined, implementing the regulations is likely to be a challenge for both the business and IT. This research project will attempt to help bring more clarity to the implementation impacts and solutions for European energy traders.” reports Dr. Gary M. Vasey, Co-Managing Director and Partner, Commodity Technology Advisory.

Aviv Handler, Managing Director, ETR Advisory added: The labyrinth of rules that will affect market participants in Europe make preparation and implementation challenging. While some details are now being understood, there remain not only some regulatory decisions, but also undiscovered details which are likely to lead to extra work before completion. It is therefore vital that market participants have a full understanding of the issues as soon as possible, since the deadlines are real, and some are approaching fast.”

The resulting reports will be available for free download when complete from ComTech Advisory and ETR Advisory websites. The two companies are actively seeking research sponsors. Please contact them for more details at

About Commodity Technology Advisory

Commodity Technology Advisory (ComTech Advisory) is the leading analyst organization covering the Energy and Commodity Trading and Risk Management (E/CTRM) technology markets. Led by Patrick Reames and Dr. Gary M. Vasey, ComTech Advisory provides invaluable insights, backed by primary research and decades of experience, into the issues and trends affecting both the users and providers of the applications and services that are crucial for success in markets constantly roiled by globalization, regulation and innovation. For more information, visit


About ETR Advisory

ETR Advisory (Energy Trading Regulation) provides advice and services to the energy and commodity markets in the understanding, preparation and implementation of the complex labyrinth of European Energy and Commodity Market Regulations. We focus on all streams of regulation including EMIR, REMIT, MiFid II and CRD IV as well as applicable rules across the globe. We adopt a dual business and IT facing approach which permits us to understand both the business and technology implications of upcoming rules, and consequences of the decisions made by regulatory bodies.