Discovering New Vendors

ComTech is tracking around 90 vendors that have solutions in the ETRM and CTRM space and this number isn’t getting any smaller. Last week at E-World, we ‘discovered’ a new ETRM vendor (new to us anyway) called VisoTech. During the same week, we were contacted by a small CTRM vendor called Fendahl in the UK. In fact, in the last several months we have ‘discovered’ at least 6 vendors we were previously unaware of. In each case, the company has transitioned from a consulting role into building software that it has then productised, migrated into the E/CTRM space from another but related software category (e.g ERP) or has served a local market and is now looking to enter the broader market. VisoTech appears to belong in the latter category having been serving Austrian markets since 2003 with its Periotheus suite of ETRM and ETRM-related applications. It had sold solutions in other German-speaking markets and is now looking beyond into the broader European market for ETRM solutions. It includes VERBUND, OMV and EconGas amongst its customers and is targeting greenfield and start up companies as well as medium and larger companies in power and gas. The solution includes portfolio management, power

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