Instant CTRM Out of Box?

Over the last several months, I have had many conversations across the industry in which the complexity of CTRM has been a significant point of the discussion. In a very diverse industry that ranges from small one or two-person scrap trading firms to global mega-business that are involved in many different commodities and raw materials,  CTRM solutions have historically been designed to be as configurable and flexible as possible. But such configurability and flexibility come at the cost of complexity. Complexity increases the amount of expertise with a solution that users have to have to use it properly. It also increases the complexity, costs, and timeframes associated with implementation and updates, and increases the risks of implementation failure – either entirely or partially. In the last few years, the term ecosystem has been used to offer an alternative in which smaller, more-specific solutions could be adopted for vertical and/or horizontal purposes and knit together via APIs or some form of interfaces – often in the cloud. That is an admirable vision and one that does appear to show some significant promise. In the end, though, it is undoubtedly a case of horses for courses? In those same discussions, the talk… continue reading

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