Internet Calling….

I do a lot of calls. It’s just a part of the job. Recently, I realized that my nice and expensive iPhone X was being underutilized (at least – as a phone anyway) in favor of the many and varied internet calling services like Skype, Skype for business, etc. etc. A couple of times this week, I even asked the people I was talking with – wait, why are we using this and not a mobile phone? For me, the mobile phone is clearer, can be placed on speaker for convenience, cost effective (mostly – more on this…) and just a lot better than an internet calling service. However, not everyone agrees with me. It was pointed out that the internet services are largely free and mobile phones can be expensive for starters. Well, I guess it depends on your plan. Mine is a fixed monthly fee for unlimited calling within the EU and US. So, I will happily call you over the internet as quite often, I find the cutting in/out, strange metallic noises and so on, difficult to deal with to be honest. Now, there was the one time I had a 1 hour call with a client… continue reading
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