iRely’s UAP Program and Automated Testing

Recently, iRely gave Patrick and me a detailed briefing on its testing program, which in itself was unusual, as mainly, we get shown software demonstrations. In this instance, Deanna Palm, Chief Quality Officer at iRely, took us through a look at something that iRely sees as a bit of a differentiator – the UAP Program. This program comprises of tailored testing with actual data and using automation so that upgrades and go live installs go smoother with fewer errors and user disruption, among other benefits, she told us. “i21 is a comprehensive piece of software, and there are millions of ways to test it,” she told us. “We have over 6,000 regression test cases and growing, so that common business processes are tested but, each customer uses the system differently, many have custom features, and custom business processes or configurations that push them outside of the general testing pattern. UAP is focused testing of a Customer’s workflow and tests precisely how the users are using the software.” Deanna paints a picture familiar to anyone in the CTRM or CM software industry. Highly configurable software designed to cater to many different business processes that is challenging to test before issuing an… continue reading

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