Is A Food Crisis Coming?

I have found myself telling people around me to expect food shortages later this year and to perhaps even slowly stock up on non-perishables and grow their own food. Many of them look at me as if I am mad. I tell them with inflation as it is, the general situation and the rush to green, it is back to the 1970’s when the average family just about got by. I do hope I am wrong but with battery metal production where it is, I can’t see EV’s being affordable by anyone but the very affluent in the coming years especially as energy and food costs will be a priority.  British farmers are also signalling the impending food crisis. In a recent article from Farmer’s Weekly, the NFU head of food policy, Jack Watts, said “left unchecked, there could be double-digit cuts in output across all sectors of UK food production,”in response to feed, fertiliser, fuel and labour cost increases. That article goes on to state that “Ukraine also grows about 10% of the world’s wheat, and exports have slowed to a trickle since February. Next season’s grain crop is shrouded in uncertainty with men of working age fighting and millions… continue reading

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