Is Coal Now on Life Support?

I noticed that yesterday, a number of US-based news outlets picked up on some European news around Coal. A couple of weeks ago, and without much fanfare, at least here in Europe, Eurelectric’s 3500 members agreed to not invest in new coal plants after 2020 (Polish and Greek members did not support this). The UK and France are already engaged in a movement from coal for power generation and have committed to eliminate coal-fired generation. Others may follow. What was really quite interesting was that on April 22, the UK had its first coal-free day in generation for 135-years. Something that is now bound to happen more often in the coming years. So is coal dead? I think the answer to that is it depends where you are talking about. In the EU, coal is struggling for its life as a generation fuel. The UK and French governments have committed to eliminate it entirely and it has been replaced by wood chips and biofuels at facilities like Drax. The Polish and Germans still have a large dependence upon the coal or lignite industry and there are attempts to protect the employment the industry provides there. However, this last week, they
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