Is it me or is the Blockchain hype starting to sound manic?

I sometimes wonder who it is that creates hype. In particular, I’m thinking of blockchain. Sitting here at my desk everyday and reading the news and views regarding blockchain, you would think it was about to revolutionize the entire world – commodities included, yet I see little evidence of that at this moment in time anyway. In fact I have to agree with Julie Lerner, founder of the GCTA, who reportedly said in an article published by agfundernews, “For me, the impetus was the lunacy of blockchain. You see digital asset holdings and so many others talking about how they will save the world with blockchain, save billions, end poverty, fix food security. But when you read it as a commodity trader, you think what do you mean when you say ‘put it on the blockchain?’” Lerner tells AFN. “All of us who trade know that when you load a vessel at port, you are loading documents, usually shoving them into an envelope and sending them to the end buyer.” Lerner describes herself as bullish on the theoretical concept of blockchain, but believes that we are more than a decade away from effective implementation in physical commodities due to the severity… continue reading
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