Is It Time To Replace?

In my experience, replacing E/CTRM software isn’t something that users do lightly – if at all – until they are forced to do so. The problem is that even though the software may no longer be supported by a vendor, even though it is all held together with sticky tape and chewing gum, no one wants to repeat the blood, sweat, and tears it took to get the thing installed and implemented properly in the first place! The risks of replacing are often deemed – probably correctly – to be extremely high and it is better the devil that you know…. However, things just might have changed? The rise and reality of CTRM in the cloud could be the turning point. Periodically, a vendor will determine that a particular platform or product needs to be phased out and puts forward a plan to withdraw support over time. Perhaps, a vendor is acquired by another and the acquired platform is going to be phased out or perhaps aging technology has meant a fresh approach and a new platform. All of these events have happened and are happening even today. In other instances, the vendor simply is ill-equipped to keep up with
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