Is It Time To Write The Obituary For CTRM Software?

As an analyst, I speak to a lot of people across all walks of the industry. This morning I was talking to a risk executive from a trading firm who told me that with utilities slashing their budgets over the last few years, they had benefited from hiring some very seasoned and senior disgruntled traders, but that the regulations were now beginning to make their business very difficult. Yesterday, I talked to a sales manager for a vendor who actually raised the question “Is the CTRM market finally dead?” I knew what he meant by that question. Actually, I think the CTRM market is about to evolve massively and I will make the prediction that the vendor landscape will too. Only a couple of days ago, I was informed that Tradepaq, a vendor serving the ags & softs arena primarily, had gone out of business. Even so, no, it isn’t time to write the software sector’s obituary – CTRM software is not dead. The last 2-3 years have been about the most impactful in terms of change on our industry that I have witnessed in over 20-years. The rush to regulate and the rush to ‘greenovate’ have both had massive
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