Is selling ETRM like selling double glazing?

I thought about it – really!  Should I try telling the head of IT procurement at Deer Energy that I wasn’t going to leave the building till he’d signed a letter of intent? After all, several years previously I had witnessed a successful sale (admittedly on an American sales training video – so I’m not QUITE sure if it was genuine) to a householder of a vacuum cleaner by using a similar technique. In fact, I think I remember a double-glazing sales guy, or maybe it was carpet cleaning, or something, trying that with myself and my wife soon after we were married. Of course, I just went upstairs and brought down a sleeping bag and told him to try it for size as we were going to bed. I think he got the message! When I first started in sales in 1985, it was all rather different. There was no email, no mobile phone, and even fax machines weren’t particularly common (that’s for the few of you that even remember fax machines). I remember my first sales call. I was selling digital storage oscilloscopes (what???). They were used for many fascinating purposes like analysing explosions, non-destructive testing, and checking the
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