Is The Hype around Blockchain Over?

Just recently, I have noticed more ‘negative’ stories about blockchain appearing. The latest were around a report by BCG claiming the gloss around Blockchain was wearing off. Good. It’s about time! Those of us that have been around a bit have seen this sort of hype before and have learned to recognize the signs…… Read .Com. Now we are getting past the overhyped claims, the idea that blockchain is the solution for every issue, we might see some real progress in deploying the technology. As Patrick has pointed out in a couple of past articles, it got to the point that by adding ‘blockchain’ or similar to an existing company name, the share price would forth over – even if the link was tenuous at best between said company activities and blockchain. Th BCG report was actually quite pragmatic by all accounts arguing that blockchain technology is simply not suited for commodities trading – at least for now. “Commodity trading needs improved standardization, efficiency, and tracking of goods. But whether blockchain is the killer app that will deliver these benefits remains to be seen. Industry players have yet to fully adopt the technology. There are marked benefits to blockchain technology… continue reading
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