Is Your IT Department Protecting You From the Right CTRM Solution?

I was talking to a vendor salesperson a few days ago (who shall remain nameless). He told me that quite often, they demonstrate their solution to the IT department (acting as the initial vetting stop for new software systems…effectively the first gate in the selection process prior to getting the users involved) and then never hear back.  This particular salesperson feels that they have a winning solution – solid functionality and good features at a very competitive price – plus, their system requires very little internal IT department support compared to his competition. In our conversation, he wondered aloud if his oftentimes inability to clear that first gate was connected to this lower dependence on the internal IT group? Was the IT department blocking its users from the system they really needed in order to protect their “turf”? In the past, we have written a number of blog articles looking at the potential for ‘bias’ from consulting and systems integration firms. As we have stated, bias is often just a natural feature of the skillsets, expertise, and experience that the consulting firm has onboard as opposed to anything nefarious. However, one thing we probably have never written about is internal… continue reading
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