Is Your IT Department Protecting You From the Right CTRM Solution?

In the past, we have written a number of blog articles looking at the potential for ‘bias’ from consulting and systems integration firms. As we have stated, bias is often just a natural feature of the skillsets and expertise that the consulting firm has onboard as opposed to anything nefarious. However, one thing we probably have never written about is internal IT bias! Larger commodity trading firms will often have an IT department tasked with first line support for the C/ETRM amongst other systems. It might well be that the system is custom and homegrown or it may be a vendor supplied solution. In the former instance, the IT department may be enhancing and developing the solution either alone or using external developers of some type. In essence, the same issues apply in that the internal IT staff will have been hired or trained in various technologies and solutions specifically to support the implemented solution(s) in use. In an RFP-driven sales process, the vendors will often deal with the IT department – if there is one. In these instances, the IT department acts as the facilitator and conduit to the business and its requirements. It will also have a say... continue reading Continue reading Is Your IT Department Protecting You From the Right CTRM Solution?. This article appeared first on CTRM Center.