Is Your Marketing Working?

At ComTech, we are constantly reaching out to the vendors and others to ensure that we are up to date with developments. Often, these calls are reported on to a degree here in the blog. Our outreach includes to local and newer vendors as well as the better known names in the business. Sometimes, that attempted outreach gives us some clues about the vendor. For example, sending emails that get no response at all. Trying to find contact details on websites that for some reason, don’t appear to include them, and finding website content to be light and disappointing. Some vendors take the view that they only need to use word of mouth to spread the news of how wonderful their software is. This can indeed be an effective way to market a software product. If you have customers that really love your product and are prepared to evangelise for you, then it is absolutely the best way to market. However, it should never be the only way! Not if you really want to grow the business. You need other influencers working for you as well like analysts and consultants in big or small consulting firms I would argue. Some… continue reading

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