It’s all about data

I had a chance to talk briefly with periodic CTRMCenter contributor Carl Vellenoweth of Commoditas Partners yesterday to get his views on employment trends in the industry and what that might mean. He immediately began to talk about data and this is a theme we are hearing loud and clear at the moment. “One area we are seeing a real boom in is data science,” he told me. “As more people look at their data to get the upper hand, we are seeing the need to build data hubs and to build AI tools such as machine learning for algo trading, forecasting etc., and managing their supply chain more efficiently.” The desired skillset is changing hand in hand with this. “We are now seeing the birth of the data scientist and analysts that are responsible for the data extraction, cleansing, mining etc., and building models/algorithms for AI. This could also be another push factor for companies to go cloud-based due to the need for increased data storage as to do the real sexy AI you have to mine a serious amount of data. There are cost implications here and it may be a struggle to justify the cost compared to
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