It’s all about Innovation Says Gen10’s Williamson

Conversations with Gen10 CEO, Richard Williamson, are always fun and informative as I find Richard to be one of the industry’s true innovators. Always one step ahead of the crowd at least, he and his team at Gen10 have spent the last several years pushing the limits of commercial IT in commodity trading and risk management. For example, most recently, Gen10 announced its netZero OS – ‘an ecosystem of digital tools to manage and control clients origination, trading, tracking and procurement of credits at scale, efficiently and robustly,’ according to its website. It has also innovated in areas like blockchain, commodity management, industry hands on training and more. “There is a lack of innovation from most vendors in our industry,” he told me as he started to update me on his views on the topic. Richard sees three levels of innovation to pursue. Firstly, he looks at what he calls industry level innovation. In this category he includes things like blockchain, lab testing verification and ESG auditing, for example. These are industry-wide initiatives that he and Gen10 must respond to, he feels, and all cases, has done so. The second category is internal innovation in which Gen10 continually seeks to… continue reading

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