“It’s shaping up to be a nice year,” – Fendahl.

Fendahl is having a bumper year, says Henry Thornalley. With eight new customers so far this year, he and his colleagues have been remarkably busy. “It really took off after September,” he told me. A number of these new customers are significant and sizeable deals, and he is waiting on approvals for a stack of press announcements that he hopes to issue before year end, he said. In fact, he told me that it had just closed a large deal for ags, metals and oil with a major new customer that would have a staggered roll out globally. I asked Henry for more details on where the deals were coming from on so far. Apparently, the majority are in ags and softs but also some have been in oil and metals. “They all tend to be global players, but the smaller ones tend to have come out of the middle east and Asia-Pac regions,” he said. All types of ags and softs were included. However, he did point to some issues in the containerized commodities area where he said that container costs and supply chain issues were causing concern and a bit of a downturn in interest. Meanwhile, bulk commodities… continue reading

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