Last Chance on the Vendor Perception Study

This week is the last week that the vendor perception survey will be open for responses. Overall, it looks like a very good response and it will be interesting to compile the results. More responses? We still seek end users of Commodity Management or CTRM software or Consultants/SI’s recommending solutions to fill out the survey. If you do complete the survey, please do try to give us a complete set of thoughtful answers and not just push one vendor throughout the survey…. this isn’t an award it is a perceptions study and there are no winners or losers and no gongs. That way, we hope to get a better and more meaningful result. If you do complete a survey response, please DO provide the personal details asked for. If you do not, the response will be discarded as we need to be confident that you are not a vendor person. We also want to be able to slice and dice the data by geography and so on. We will never identify you or your firm in the final report. The survey is here. Sponsors/Advertisers We always hope to defray some of the costs around doing the research via sponsorships or… continue reading

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