Life is about Parallels

It was 1996. Houston was hot and humid as usual as I drove up to start my new job with TransGas Management Inc. I had come across TransGas along with many of the other early gas management application vendors in my role as GM, Energy & Utilities for Sybase. I’d had a good couple of years helping to build partnerships and reseller agreements with a variety of these new start-up firms that were springing up in Texas and the North East. There were two clear drivers that were fuelling this sudden creation and growth of a new software category. The first was clearly FERC 636 that broke up the functions of energy firms in natural gas markets to try to create a more competitive market and the second was something called Stored Procedures & Triggers in the brave new world of client/server technology. Back then, Sybase had the edge on that particular technology and everyone wanted a piece of it. So, suddenly, I was running around talking to all of these small software vendors and initiatives in various gas companies like Tenneco, for example supporting them on Sybase database technology and helping them go to market. It wasn’t long before one… continue reading
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