Looking at Capco’s acquisition of ATOM Solutions

Capco, the global scale technology consulting firm focused in the financial services and energy markets, announced late last week that they were acquiring Houston-based ATOM Solutions, an IT consultancy focused on ETRM/CTRM and related technologies.  I spoke with Lance McAnelly, Capco’s energy practice managing partner and Firoz Jhaver, ATOM’s founder and CEO about the deal. When asked about what motivated Capco to pursue the deal with ATOM, Mr. McAnelly said that the principals in the two companies had known each other for some time and well acquainted with each other’s capabilities. He noted that though they might appear to be competitive, they in fact had little or no overlap in customer coverage.  With ATOM’s deep knowledge of Allegro’s Horizon product and their presence in energy trading and midstream segments, he feels ATOM’s team will clearly help Capco expand their market reach with Allegro customers, both domestically and internationally. He further noted that he anticipates additional acquisitions by Capco in the not too distant future. Mr. Jhaver noted that his firm was at an inflection point in that they would need to make significant investments in back office and administrative capabilities to support their current and future growth.  While they were… continue reading
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