Looking Forward to 2023

2022 turned out to be quite the year for commodities. Volatilities and prices surged in many commodities and trading firms made good profits by and large as the hedge funds moved back in. For other firms, it was not so great with those supplying energy to retailers often struggling and/or going bankrupt. I Europe, some firms lost a fortune gas natural gas prices surged and Russian natural gas supplies were truncated or terminated leaving many short and scrambling to find supply at any cost. All firms have had to deal with increasing inflationary pressures as much sourced by rising energy and commodity prices. This meant that vendors by and large found their software in demand with strong pipelines and many opportunities – particularly those with cloud or SaaS solutions. Risk management, credit and liquidity risk management and solutions that updated and reported in real time became popular and so we have seen a mini boom for many software vendors in the CTRM and related software space this year. We also saw the beginnings of a real replacement market with older legacy solutions being replaced as well as many smaller entities procuring solutions as opposed to working on spreadsheets – probably… continue reading

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