Metals Industry to Get More Optionality from CTRM: Introducing Gen10

Metals and metals concentrates are notoriously difficult to handle in a CTRM solution and the choice of CTRM software for concentrates has been relatively limited in this market for a long time. The reason for this is down to specificity of functional needs and their complexity. Recently, however, for those seeking metals solutions, the choice has broadened. Richard Williamson, CEO of Gen10, with whom I spoke recently, is convinced that Gen10’s Commodity Manager is now one solution that can. I got an update from Richard last week on their activities and learned that Gen 10 had been quietly investing heavily in their metals platform. They have since gained a “well-respected metals client” in recent months for refined metals and concentrates and the project was going well. The Gen 10 solution, he told me, has “nailed” refined and concentrates in a single, versatile contract that handles highly complex optionality and valuations for each element. Their ‘Soft Allocations’ process is targeted at bridging the communications void between the trade desk and operations while their web services integration to ERP/Accounting systems completes the feedback loop. Not only are the usual accruals and invoices being posted in real time but payment information, starting cash… continue reading
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