Invensoft Makes Headway

Recently, I talked with Invensoft Technologies who last year kindly sponsored the CTRM Conference. Invensoft is an Indian vendor that operates in the Commodity Management software space offering a number of solutions that includes Commodity Management, Commodity Warehousing as well as traditional CTRM. It has consolidated these products on its Invensoft-XBS© Commodity Management platform to provide an end-to-end solution primarily for agricultural and metals commodity businesses. Invensoft-XBS© offers extensive features covering Procurement, Quality Management, Inventory, Processing, Traceability, Logistics and transportation, Trading, Hedging, Risk management, Positions Management, Collateral Management, Certification Management, Cost Management, Daily Profit & Loss both on Physical & Futures and Reports delivering Live and Historical data. 2014 was apparently a good year for the company and it acquired a number of new global trading house clients as well as some new clients in Peru and Vietnam in the area of Commodity Warehousing; specifically offering 3rd Party warehousing and services in the area of metal concentrates and agricultural Commodities. It has also been active with further development and recently completed a new module called “Customer Center”. Customer Center brings in stakeholder information for sharing and unification. Its solution uses the latest technologies and architecture and is available in the … continue reading

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