Mirror, Mirror on the Wall….. Who is the Fairest of Them All?

During the summer, I got a string of emails from various ‘publications’ telling me ComTech had been selected as the best analyst firm in the industry and that if I would just pay $10,000, we would be awarded the title along with full coverage in the ‘magazine’ and an award. I ignored them. Awards are given not bought. It reminded me that ComTech does not get involved in award giving despite us being asked over and over again to do something like that. I even had a long conversation with a colleague in the industry about the idea of awards and being considered the best CTRM vendor or analyst or whatever, and why this was something people believed and even seemed to want to see. His view, and I agree with it, is that people want their decisions made easy and if someone else tells them who is the best, that makes life much easier. As he said, “when I’m looking for a movie or a CD or something, I go looking for other people’s recommendations too.” Awards, if done properly are a lot of fun. Energy Risk and the old Commodities Now awards were/are fun. Nothing better than a… continue reading

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