Molecule – One of the CTRM winners in 2020

As we’ve noted in various reports and posts, the market for CTRM products has been moving away from the traditional monolithic solutions that dominated the market for decades, to cloud-based solutions (often multi-tenanted applications) that offer lower acquisition and deployment costs. This trend has been accelerated in 2020 as the COVID pandemic forced companies around the globe to move to a distributed work-force model, exposing weakness in both their technical infrastructures and business processes that relied on direct person to person interactions, such as those found on trading floors. As large-scale implementation projects ground to a halt with the lock-down, and companies canceled or indefinitely suspended new CTRM selection projects, no vendor was left unaffected.  In fact, every vendor I’ve spoken with has said they have lost many of the sales they were confident of winning (or had in fact even won) in the first and second quarter of the year. However, several of those same companies have also said that since mid-year, many new opportunities have emerged, and new deals have been signed that were not even on the radar earlier in the year (in a market where sales cycles can traditionally last a year or more). Molecule is… continue reading

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