Molecule updates from founder and CEO Sameer Soleja

I recently had an opportunity to speak with Sameer Soleja, the Founder and CEO of Molecule, to get an update on Molecule’s key initiatives and his outlook on the commodities market. Sameer is particularly proud of Molecule’s modern technology stack and cloud-native, multi-tenant SaaS architecture that allows for continual updates, testing and release of new features and functions to users rapidly and regularly. He sees this as a distinct differentiator from many other solutions on the market. He also sees trust as an important factor in ETRM software markets saying: “Buyers know that Molecule, if anything, undersells and increasingly, the market sees us as a trustworthy partner as a result.” Sameer said Molecule is continuing to see a steady stream of new opportunities in North America and Europe, where it is focused currently, particularly on new power and renewables opportunities in Europe.  Further, he indicated almost every customer today is looking for a multi-commodity solution, including most customers adding some form of renewable energy to their existing portfolios.  He also told us that increasingly, Molecule is being involved in larger opportunities and replacements of legacy solutions. Indeed, he said that Molecule’s technology stack enables it to handle large volumes of… continue reading