More CTRM Vendor and Solution Diversity Than Ever Before?

In recent years and months, you could be forgiven for thinking that CTRM software has consolidated to a few bigger vendors. At first sight, it does seem that way with ION acquiring anything that moves, FIS with a still reasonably sizable installed base and SAP making big inroads with its SAP CM and related software. However, sitting here at my desk in Brno, I have spent a lot of the slow summer getting demos from an entire army of newer, cloud-focused vendors and products that are entering the picture. Let me just try to give you a partial list (in no particular order and apologies in advance for any omissions – they are all in our Directory); Agiboo EKA Gen10 CTRMCloud CTRMCubed Enuit Ignite Commodities Engineering Inatech Beacon BlackLight Systems CoreTRM FenDahl Molecule Satoshi Systems and several others. Meanwhile, there remain an entire army of existing vendors like Brady,  a re-emerged Amphora, CubeLogic, ComFin, a resurgent Pioneer Solutions, Instanext, Eximware, Hivedome, Cadran, and others…. Today, while chatting with an old colleague, I realised that it is an exciting time to be involved with CTRM. So much is changing and so rapidly. The emergence of true cloud native solutions, the changing… continue reading
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