– Improving Efficiencies in Natural Gas Scheduling

I recently had the opportunity to visit with Mr. Jay Bhatty, CEO and founder of Houston-based (NatGasHub).  NatGasHub is a natural gas scheduling service/tool that helps streamline what is otherwise a very labor intensive, and potentially error prone, process. According to Mr. Bhatty, the company launched in 2016 with the development of the backend tools necessary to effectively communicate with pipelines via EDI.  As any company that has attempted EDI communication with pipelines knows, just establishing the ability to submit nominations to pipelines via EDI is a tedious and time-consuming process that requires considerable coordination with the individual pipelines and can sometimes take months for each.  NatGasHub has completed that process with 90 pipelines to date and began signing customers last year – including producers, merchants and banks. Users of NatGasHub can access the scheduling platform either via a web interface or an app (IOS or Android). For those schedulers that are using spreadsheets to manage their balancing processes, Mr. Bhatty notes those spreadsheets can be simply dropped into NatGasHub and the system will automatically create and transmit the noms to all the applicable pipelines.  For schedulers that use their ETRM system for balancing during the morning trading cycle,… continue reading
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