NavitaSoft Readies for Market Shift

NavitaSoft is eyeing the smaller player energy market in Europe with its ETRM software suite, Kornel Balogh told me last week. He was the second person that week to tell me that they see a lot of newer companies looking for ETRM solutions. People like aggregators and new entrants around smaller-scale distributed assets who need to automate a lot of functionality. “For these guys, a full-scale ETRM is like luxury goods,“ he told me. “They need something more affordable and more aligned to their needs and NavitaSoft is working hard to product exactly that.” He points to the EU winter package and sees such activity already in markets like the UK. “They are not so active yet in central Europe, but we do see lots of pilots. When it happens here, it will happen quickly,” he said. He also sees prosumers ‘causing issues’ for distributors and the need for a DSO flexibility market perhaps with 15-minute markets. So NavitaSoft is looking at DSO and TSO flexibility markets as well. “Granularity is increasing too,” he said. “Think about the data volume for 5-minute increment markets!” He can’t see traditional ETRM’s coping with that sort of volume of data in a near… continue reading

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