New Entrants

Periodically, we learn of new entrants into the E/CTRM fold of providers. In the last couple of weeks, we have come across two new ones. The first was announced today on Linkedin as the first True cloud E/CTRM (it isn’t) and comes from CTRM Cloud in San Francisco. The offering is described as- CTRM Cloud is a true cloud CTRM platform that enables front & middle office, risk groups and management to meet the challenges of complex and volatile commodity markets, in real-time, more effectively, and for a lot less.    Looking at the website, it seems to pull in various data sources like price feeds, trade positions from exchanges and so on and produce a set of risk and position reports out of the other side. We look forward to getting a briefing from the company but at first sight, it seems to be similar to other offerings on the market in scope (e.g. TRADESPARENT, Eka and others) and it is in no way the first true cloud E/CTRM having been well beaten to the punch years ago by vendors like Aspect, Kiodex, OATI webtrader, and so on and in more recent times a whole raft of others like Pioneer, Inatech… continue reading
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