nGenue – a new, but mature, solution for retail nat gas

I recently had the chance to visit with Kenneth Hall, CEO, and Richard Pinos, Head of Customer Success at nGenue, a retail natural gas solutions provider.  nGenue traces their origins back to Lloret Data Systems, a company started by Mark Lloret in the 1990’s to develop and sell a retail gas solution into the deregulating US markets. Though Lloret enjoyed some success with the product, having installed it at about a dozen customer sites, the company was spending much of their capacity developing capabilities to fit their clients’ needs in the various and sometimes divergent retail gas markets across different states and LDCs.  About 2 years ago, Mr. Hall and group of investors bought Lloret Data Systems and rebranded to nGenue; and since that acquisition, his team has devoted most of their time to updating the system, including developing a modern and consistent UI and enabling the solution to run in the cloud. Though there are a number of ETRM vendors that advertise capabilities for managing a retail book, most if not all of those systems address only commercial and industrial retail outside LDC citygates (i.e. connected to mainline pipes).  The ability to operate behind the citygate and service not… continue reading
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