North Korea – A Guest Blog by David Calmonson

I thought that may get your attention. I was thinking more about a North Career summit – i.e. are there any jobs worth doing in the North (sorry – a bit UK focussed) as opposed to the South? I’m from Manchester. That’s probably a huge surprise to those of you who have read my earlier blogs. I’ve been lucky. It’s never really seemed to hamper my career prospects. I’ve worked from home most of my life, sometimes popping into the office when I’ve been needed at a sales meeting whether that’s been in Harrogate, London, Farnborough, Dallas or Sacramento! It’s incredible what you can do from home these days – but I remember starting off working from home well before the internet (t’internet in the North) and mobile phones (handies or cells for my huge overseas fan base – mind you, I’m not keen on the epithet ‘handy’ as it sometimes means something else….) I clearly remember coming home from a soon-to-be-closed office with the fax machine tucked underneath my arm that was to be soon disposed of. Actually, it was that big that it almost needed a removal firm to transport it.  Bizarrely, I offered it to a new… continue reading
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