Not a Packaged Software Market?

Since my days at TransEnergy Management in the late 1990’s, I have made an argument (and repeated it periodically) that the CTRM software market is not a traditional packaged software market. It is a message the ComTech has, of course, promoted as once you understand this, everything makes much more sense. Since new people are coming into our industry all of the time, it is good to periodically revisit this concept and its consequences. First of all, let’s revisit the meanings of packaged software and custom software. For me anyway, packaged software is a commercial software offering that is available to meet a set of general and standard requirements for a reasonable price. Think word processing and MS Word, for example. The ability to offer the software at a reasonable price in part relies on the fact that there is a large market for that software so the provider can sell that standard software many times over. Custom software is a software developed specifically for a particular company, business, or set of processes that are uncommon, differentiated in some way, and so on. There is no ‘mass’ market for this software – it is essentially a one-off. If we look… continue reading

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