Oil and the Activists

Reading an article by John Kemp at Reuters this morning about how it has been the poor performance of the oil majors in recent years and decades that have made them more vulnerable to activist shareholders reminded me of something I had seen in Amphora’s recent newsletter. The article titled “Peak Oil Predictions Still Fall Wide of the Mark” echoes my own sentiments and I stick to the thoughts on peak oil that I penned in my book with Peter C. Fusaro in 2006 (Energy & Environmental Hedge Funds – The New Investment Paradigm, Wiley) even though that was written more than 15-years ago. In effect, what we see at work in the western media is clearly wishful thinking verging on make-believe (a modern trait it seems to me! – ignore the evidence, keep the political mantra going and deny anyone with opposing views a platform). Quite honestly, I was somewhat surprised Reuters published Kemp’s article as it seems not in accordance with their favored agenda these days either although it plays lip service to it. Anyway, back to the Amphora article…. Last year, Amphora did some research that we featured here at the time. Titled “Agenda 2030: Driving Continued… continue reading

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